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Find the Best Home Security Systems in Boston, MA

Security systems help residents protect themselves against home invasion and property damage in “Beantown.” Boston.com has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing equipment options, system availability and customer reviews of dozens of businesses and choosing the top 15 home security companies in Boston.

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How to choose a home security system in Boston

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When looking for a Boston home security system company, there are several factors to consider. Many experts say the best first step is to look up the company online and check reviews. When you’re ready to request a quote, there is information you will need to gather ahead of time for accurate pricing.

“It is important to count the number of doors and windows you want to protect,” said Louis Wood with LAW Security. “Identify if motion detectors or glass breakage are more beneficial for your family. Motion detectors are great when you are out of the house but not great at night or when the family is in the home.”

After you’ve received your requested quotes, you can consider your options and start your decision-making process. Will you want your system to be professionally installed, or would you prefer a DIY installation? Additionally, take a look at upfront costs, ongoing monthly monitoring costs, home automation options and contract lengths. Most importantly, always read the fine print before moving forward with a security system company.

How much do home security systems cost in Boston?

Because of the highly customizable nature of home alarm systems, price will vary, but you can expect to see costs ranging from $99 to $244.96 for home alarm equipment in the Boston area. These prices reflect a basic starter-equipment package, and prices go up depending on how many door and window sensors, cameras and other features you want to add. The good news is that most companies can help you customize your equipment choices based on your specific needs.

Factors that affect cost include:

  • Owning equipment outright vs. renting from the company
  • Number of sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Installation fees
  • Activation fees

Other pricing considerations are if you want to self-monitor your alarm system or have monthly professional monitoring. You can generally save money on your homeowners insurance by installing a home security system.

“Professional monitoring is preferential if you can afford it as there are many times when you are unable to be on or near your phone,” Wood said. “A professional monitoring station can speed dispatch times by many orders of magnitude.”

Brand Starting monthly monitoring rate* Starter equipment package price*
ADT $28.99/month Undisclosed
Vivint $19.99/month Undisclosed
Blue by ADT $19.99/month $179.99 to $419.99
Frontpoint $49.99/month $99
SimpliSafe $17.99/month $244.96
Alarm New England Boston $26.99/month Undisclosed
SOS Home System $49.95/month Included in monthly monitoring cost
Guardian Integrated Systems $20/month Undisclosed
Ring $16/month $199.99
*At the time of publishing

Boston home security systems FAQ

What is home security?
Home security systems help protect your home while you're away or even sleeping. Security systems can be self-monitored or professionally monitored, with professional monitoring calling you and emergency services when the alarm is set off. Many security companies also offer cameras for video surveillance.
Do home security systems work in Boston?
A home security system is a great way to protect yourself and your family. Not only can it help if you have a break-in, but it can also help in the event of a medical or fire emergency. There are several home security system companies available in Boston.
What is typically included in a Boston-based home security system?
Home security systems can be customized to your space. Most companies offer a basic package that includes a base, door and window sensors and sometimes one or more cameras. However, you can add equipment, and some companies let you customize your package.
How can I get a commercial security system in Boston?
A lot of home security companies in Boston also offer commercial security systems. The best way to find one is by doing some research or asking friends and family for recommendations. If you currently have a home security system, check with your provider to see if it offers commercial services.
How does home security installation work in Boston?
Many Boston home security companies offer professional installation services. However, there is a rise in DIY system installation. If you have the skills to DIY, you could save some money on installation fees.
Do you need a home alarm permit in Boston?
You don't need any kind of permit to install a home alarm in Boston, though professional installers must have an S-License and an electricians’ license.
Will my Home Security System call emergency services and is there a fee?
If you choose to self-monitor your security system, it will typically not call emergency services. However, nearly all alarm companies offer professional monitoring services, which means it will call emergency services for you in the event of an alarm. The monitoring service will generally also call you to inform you if your alarm goes off. There is a monthly or yearly fee associated with professional monitoring.

Boston home security system company information


ADT is a large, well-known security system company. It serves the United States, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. It has several local offices in the Boston area. ADT services include security system equipment, professional installation, DIY equipment and smart home automation. In addition, ADT offers life safety products like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water alarms and sensor technology. Security system monitoring starts around $28.99 per month, and multiple packages are available. ADT is a Veterans Advantage partner.

ADT Learn More


Vivint home security systems are custom built to your specific needs. In addition, it can integrate with other home automation systems like door locks, cameras, thermostats and lighting. Vivint offers three packages, Starter, Premium and Premium Plus with varying levels of security and automation. A lot of Vivint’s products can be self-installed. However, professional installation is also available. Monthly monitoring price starts at $19.99 per month. Other fees may apply for additional equipment. Vivint has special offers for military families. Vivint serves the Boston, Massachusetts area and is available nationwide.

Vivint Learn More

Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is a DIY home security system option. You can build your own system, or choose from pre-built packages. In addition, you can add on cameras, extenders, chimes and extra batteries. Pricing starts at $179.99 to build your own system. With Blue by ADT, you have the option of professional 24/7 monitoring or DIY monitoring. DIY monitoring is self-monitoring and will not alert authorities in an alarm event. 24/7 professional monitoring will alert authorities, has cellular back-up, and pricing starts at $19.99 per month plus tax. There is no contract. ADT is located at 392-410 University Ave., Westwood, MA 02090.

Blue by ADT Learn More (877) 756-4340


Alder is a 100% USA-based alarm company. Alder offers security systems and monitoring for homeowners and renters in the areas of home security and also life safety. Available home security equipment includes a touchscreen panel, outdoor cameras, indoor cameras and door/window sensors. Life safety equipment includes fire and carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, and medical pendants. You can control an Alder security system from the mobile application and have 24/7 professional monitoring. Alder serves the Boston area and all fifty states.



Frontpoint security is a DIY alarm system. You can choose a package that is already built or build your own for your home or business. Package pricing starts at $99 and goes up based on your equipment choices. Equipment available includes indoor and outdoor cameras, window and door sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, doorbell cameras, smoke and heat sensors, smart door locks, a touchscreen and a hub with a keypad. Frontpoint offers 24/7 professional monitoring and a mobile app so you can monitor and control your system from a smart device. It also offers a 30-day risk-free trial and a three-year system warranty. Frontpoint is available in Boston and all fifty states and parts of Canada.

Frontpoint Learn More (833) 419-5396


SimpliSafe offers customizable home or office security systems. Most packages can be DIY installed in minutes, or SimpliSafe professionals can handle the install. SimpliSafe features include live professional alerts, video verification for faster dispatch, 24/7 professional monitoring, no contracts, arm and disarm from a smart device and custom alerts for friends and family. SimpliSafe has several pre-made equipment packages, or you can build your own. Equipment includes motion sensors, a base station, indoor and outdoor cameras, glass break sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors, water sensors, key fobs, sirens, keypads, smoke detectors and door/window sensors. SimpliSafe offers a risk-free, 60-day trial. SimpliSafe is located at 294 Washington St., Floor 9, Boston, MA 02108.

SimpliSafe Learn More


Ring is a DIY installation home-alarm company. It offers several pre-made packages, and you can also create your own, tailored to your specific home or business. Equipment available includes indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, keypads, extenders, glass break sensors, panic buttons, window magnets, flood and freezer sensors and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ring alarm systems can be self-monitored or professionally monitored. Professional monitoring pricing starts around $16 per month if paid upfront for a year. Ring is available in Boston, throughout Massachusetts, and nationwide.


Guardian Integrated Systems

Guardian Integrated Systems specializes in home alarm installation and professional monitoring. It partners with other companies to provide the alarm system equipment and technology. Monitoring starts at $20 per month. Guardian Integrated Systems serves all of Massachusetts, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Contractors and technicians are fully licensed. Guardian Integrated Systems has an office at 253 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA 01609.

Guardian Integrated Systems

Alarm New England

Alarm New England is a local, family owned and operated home security system company in Boston. It offers personalized equipment packages and lets you build your own system. Equipment includes doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras, touchscreen keypads, smart locks, light controls and a smart thermostat. There is also a built-in glass break detector in the touchscreen panel. Alarm New England offers 24/7 monitoring that starts at $26.99 per month. You can control your system via a smart device application. Its address is 100 Hano St., #22, Boston, MA 02134.

Alarm New England

Barrett Security and Surveillance

Barrett Security and Surveillance specializes in commercial and residential security systems. This includes systems for homeowners, condo owners, landlords and renters. For residential security systems, Barrett Security and Surveillance can install security systems and surveillance cameras accessible by internet. Additional products offered are door and window sensors, sirens, motion detectors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. It also offers 24-hour monitoring services. Barrett Security Surveillance is located at 558 E. 5th St., South Boston, MA 02127.

Barrett Security and Surveillance

SOS Home Systems

SOS Home Systems installs and maintains commercial and residential security systems. Its package pricing starts at $49.95 per month. This includes the control panel, keypad, back-up battery, three door sensors, one motion detector, one interior siren, window stickers, cellular connection and a three-year monitoring contract. Installation is free with the SOS Home Systems alarm package. You can add additional equipment like a wireless key fob. The address for SOS Home systems is 240 Boston St., Topsfield, MA 01983.

SOS Home Systems

Wayne Alarm

Wayne Alarm is a local security system company for businesses or homes. It can work with other home automation technology to integrate with your security system. Wayne Alarm offers professional installation and 24/7 professional monitoring. Some add-on services that could be beneficial to a Wayne Alarm security system are fire and carbon monoxide detection, environmental monitoring, medical alert and personal emergency response systems. The company address is 424 Essex St., Lynn, MA 01902.

Wayne Alarm

American Alarm

American Alarm offers home and business security systems. Its application lets you arm and disarm your security system from a smart device and receive notifications. It also can integrate video and work with other home automation like smart locks. American Alarm offers a lifetime warranty on its alarm system. American Alarm is unique in that it works with licensed contractors to install home security and fire alarm systems as new homes are being built. This helps integrate the system with the rest of home automation options. The company is located at 297 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474.

American Alarm

Lexington Alarm Systems

Lexington Alarm Systems offers business and home security systems. Its residential products and services include burglar alarms, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, environmental detectors, smart home integration and 24/7 professional monitoring. The burglar alarm system includes door and window sensors, motion detectors and alarm screens. You can also add video monitoring. Lexington Alarm Systems will work with you to create a custom alarm plan for your home or business. Lexington Alarms is located at 87 Elm St., Woburn, MA 01801.

Lexington Alarm Systems

Prestige Security Solutions

Prestige Security Solutions offers security and surveillance systems for homes and businesses. It has professional installers, and you can customize your security system package. Add-on features include security cameras and specialized access control (for businesses only). Prestige Security Systems can also work with smart home automation. You can receive a no-obligation, free quote and an in-home visit by a team member to start the process. The company address is 139 Mystic Ave., Medford, MA 02155.

Prestige Security Solutions