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Find the Best Hot Tub Companies in Boston, MA

Boston is a city lucky enough to see all four seasons. Whether looking to warm up in the winter or relax in the summer, Boston residents can enjoy their hot tubs most days of the year. Boston.com has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide, comparing reviews, spa features, financing options, warranties and local availability of 33 businesses and choosing the eight best hot tub companies in Boston.

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Compare Hot Tub Companies in Boston

Installing a hot tub in Boston

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Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and with numerous features. To start, you’ll want to consider the space your hot tub will be installed in and how many people you want to accommodate. Then you can set a budget and look at features and materials.

  • Size: There are some standard hot tub sizes: 78” by 78”, 84” by 84” and 94” by 94”. The depth varies, depending on the model. Hot tubs can seat anywhere from two to seven or more people. There are compact, space-saving hot tubs available, too.
  • Shape: Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes. Rounded, oval, rectangular, square corner and rounded triangle options are available.
  • Features: Hot tubs have several customizable features. These include jets, advanced filtration, audio systems, cover lifts, entry steps, remote-controlled applications and lighting.
  • Materials: Hot tub shells are made of a variety of materials, including vinyl, rotomolded plastic and acrylic. Each material has different pros and cons when it comes to wear and tear, weight and heat retention.
  • Base: Wherever your hot tub is installed, it will need to be on a pad. The pad can be concrete, decking, bricks or patio blocks. Cement pads should be no less than 4” thick and the size of the hot tub at minimum.

How much does a hot tub cost in Boston?

Hot tubs can range from $2,000 to $35,000. The average cost is around $6,000. There are several factors that affect hot tub cost, including size, materials, installation and features. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each option against the price.

For example, high-end materials like acrylic are more expensive but have better heat retention. Aside from the hot tub itself, total costs will include installation and ongoing maintenance.

And don’t overlook the cost of base building. You’ll need a pad for the hot tub to sit on, which may be made of decking, concrete, bricks or patio blocks. Most Boston hot tub companies offer financing, and discounts may be available for seniors or veterans.

Boston hot tub FAQ

What is the best hot tub money can buy? Higher-end hot tubs are acrylic, which has the benefit of better heat retention. High-end hot tub features include ergonomic seats, UV sanitizers, ozone sanitation systems, freshwater mist systems and much more.

Do hot tubs cost a lot in electricity? Hot tubs will increase your monthly electricity bill. On average, you can expect an increase of $10 to $20 per month. However, there are energy-efficient options to help offset this cost, such as quality foam insulation and covers that seal in heat.

What are the cons of a hot tub? Hot tubs can be a pricey investment. With hot tub cost, installation, electrical hook-ups and building a pad, there are multiple upfront costs. Additionally, hot tubs require ongoing maintenance.

How often should you change hot tub water? Most hot tub water should be changed every three to four months. This is due to chemical build-up; as you add more and more chlorine, it dissolves slower and slower until it doesn’t do the job anymore.

Boston hot tub companies information

Master Spas

Master Spas has four hot tub lines; Michael Phelps Legend Series, Twilight Series, Clarity Spas and Getaway Hot Tubs. Each series has multiple models, which range in size, pricing and features. Master Spas works with local dealers to sell and install hot tubs. It also offers a trade-in option to put credit toward your new hot tub. Financing is available. Warranties vary by model and brand.

Master Spas Learn More (800) 860-7727

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs

ThermoSpas sells hot tubs directly to you, eliminating the middleman dealer — and the fees they build in. ThermoSpas has its own line of 20 hot tub options. Sizes range from three to six seats. Starting prices range from $7,250 to $24,609. ThermoSpas hot tubs come with a 20-year, limited warranty and financing is available through Wells Fargo Financial.

ThermoSpas Hot Tubs Learn More

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas manufactures its own line of hot tubs and works with local dealers to sell and install. There are five hot tub lines available with multiple models in each category. Sizes vary from fitting three to seven people. Marquis also manufactures its own heavy-duty hot tub accessories. These include matching entry steps, benches, high-flow pumps and audio options. Financing is available through Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions with 0% APR for 60 months for qualified buyers.

Marquis Spas

New England Spas

New England Spas sells Hot Spring, Sundance and Sundance Splash hot tubs with sizes ranging from three to seven seats. Some Hot Spring models offer the FreshWater Salt System, which keeps water clean and soft for up to a year. Financing is available through a Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions credit card. Additionally, a trade-in option is available to put credits toward a new purchase. Visit in person at 4 Johnson St., Auburn, MA 01501.

New England Spas

St. Cyr Pool & Spa

St. Cyr Pool & Spa specializes in selling and installing Dimension One Spas. Hot tubs range from three to nine seats and 18 to 84 jets. In addition to sales, St. Cyr offers hot tub repair and maintenance services. Repair services include troubleshooting, spa drain and clean, winterization and maintenance. Additionally, it offers a hot tub valet service, which includes vacuuming, keeping the water balanced, chemically cleaning filters and keeping the cover clean. Valet packages range from $99 to $139 per visit. Financing is available through Wells Fargo. St. Cyr Pool & Spa is located at 263 South Main St./Rte. 114, Middleton, MA 01949.

St. Cyr Pool & Spa

Mass Pools

Mass Pools provides service and parts for pools and hot tubs. You can see their parts inventory online and purchase online or in store. Parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty only. You can also purchase chemicals and winterization products, like pump covers. Mass Pools is located at 15 Wilson Road, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Mass Pools

Budget Pools

Budget Pools sells and installs Marquis, Bullfrog Spas and Artesian Spas hot tubs. Standard hot tub delivery is free, and ongoing cleaning, inspections, repairs and troubleshooting services are included. In-store and at-your-home service solutions are available. Financing is available at 0% APR for 60 months with a minimum of 20% down payment. Budget Pools serves Boston from its location at 150 Newbury St./Rte. 1, South Peabody, MA 01960.

Budget Pools


Crocker is a hot tub dealer that sells multiple brands, including Master Spas, Twilight, Getaway and Crocker Series spas. Models are available that seat anywhere from three to eight people. Warranties vary based on the model, and financing is available. You can also trade in your old hot tub to put credit towards a new spa purchase. There is a Boston location at 9 High St., Woburn, MA 01801.